About Us

The TibetanAid Foundation supports individual health care and community education in rural Tibetan communities. This IRS 501(c)(3) foundation is dedicated to raising funds for projects directly promoting the well-being of the local population in rural Tibetan communities. 

1. ChaZhu Health Care Clinic: Our first project (completed January 2006) was to fund a sustainable health care clinic in the ChaZhu valley of northeastern Tibet. This health care clinic currently serves ten villages. The building was constructed through the cooperative efforts of the TAF and indigenous villagers.

2. Staff Training: The TibetanAid Foundation provides funds to rural Tibetan groups for training health-care workers in modern methods of treatment. The leaders of Tibetan communities co-select qualified candidates and oversee their training progress. The TAF provides in-service training for Clinic personnel . 

3. Vocational Training: The TibetanAid Foundation funds qualified students to attend vocational training programs in specializations appropriate to their individual talents. Those qualified students are required to return to their villages after completion of their training to work in clinics and community water and sanitation projects. The TAF works with community leaders and other consultants to determine qualification. 

4. Women’s Health Education: The TibetanAid Foundation currently funds educational programs designed to meet the needs of women in rural villages in regard to family planning, prenatal care, nutrition and personal hygiene. We encourage local community groups to provide these programs in conjunction with the health clinic funded by the TibetanAid Foundation.  In 2007 the TAF conducted its first midwife training program at the ChaZhu Clinic.

5. Professional Participation: The TAF cooperates with Tibetan community leaders and professional health care personnel to invite volunteer doctors and nurses from different countries to participate in on-site training sessions at the ChaZhu Clinic.

6. Additional Clinics: After the ChaZhu valley clinic is established and staffed, we will begin to plan for the establishment of additional health care clinics in villages presenting the greatest need.  

7. Fresh Water Projects:  The TAF acts to coordinate and supervise the building of fresh water delivery systems to village communities. These projects are done in partnership with the indigenous villagers.

8. Family Center: The TAF is planning to create a facility situated as part of the ChaZhu Clinic compound that will provide educational opportunities to children and their parents.

9. Latrine Projects: The TAF is currently raising funding to provide all clay-house compounds in the ChaZhu Valley with a two-hole composting toilet/latrine. 

We encourage all interested to visit our website www.TibetanAid.org for the most complete and up-to-date information relating to our activities.