The TAF‘s long term goal is to support education in rural Tibetan communities by training educational and medical staff.

The Educational Projects include:

  • Training staff: The Tibetan Aid Foundation will provide funds to the rural Tibetan communities for training health care workers in modern methods of treatment. The community members will select qualified candidates and oversee their training progress.
  • Vocational training program: Qualified students will receive funds through this foundation. Those qualified students will be required to return to their villages after completion of their training to work in clinics and community water and sanitation projects. The qualification will be determined by the community leaders or other consultants.
  • Training village women. Education will be offered to village women on family planning, prenatal care, child health, nutrition and personal hygiene.
  • Health Education. We will coordinate with the Tibetan community to invite volunteer doctors and nurses to participate in on-site training sessions.