Who we are

The TibetanAid Foundation supports medical and educational services to Tibetans in rural areas of the Tibetan Plateau and to other Tibetan communities. The Foundation works in close cooperation with indigenous groups and individuals in both program development and actualization of projects. All Foundation programs grow from expressed needs articulated from within the target communities

Healthcare Education
– Main Clinic Facility
– Mobile Clinic
– Household Latrines
– Clean Water
– Emergency Care
– Pediatric
– Pregnancy
– Tuberculosis
– Cataract/Vision
– Dental
– General Healthcare
– Family Center/Pre-School
– Providing scholarships to college students
– Water Conservation
– Sanitation & Hygiene
– Healthcare Practitioner Training
– Providing scholarships to high school students
– Parenting Skills
– Personal Health
– Pre/post-Natal Care
– Management Training
Tibetan Aid Foundation’s Chazhu Valley Clinic Project in 2005
One of the water project funded by the Tibetan Aid Foundation in 2010, people digging a trench from a high elevation mountain spring to Ango village. They completed the project within a month.